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Mozaffar Sheydaei was born in Kurdistan, Iran in 1957. He has been fascinated by painting since he was just fourteen. In 1983 he received a BA in graphic design at Honar university in Tehran. From 1988 to 1993 he worked at IIDCYA (Kanoon) as a designer of creative hobby for children and young adults.
In 1993 Mozaffar started his studies as a traditional 2D animator at Honar university of Art in Tehran. Fish on Soil (1997) was his first film and also a graduation film which was presented in many international film festivals and won the first prize of AnimExpo97 in first film category in South Korea. He produced short animated Sabz in 1998 and co-directed The Apple (2000) with Ramin Sheydaei.
Mozaffar Sheydaei
  Here is a brief list of films made by me:
"Fish on Soil" A short animated film about the massacre in Halabja (A Kurdish town in Iraq) Format: 35 mm, running time: 13min10sec
Scriptwriter, director, animator, character design, storyboard artist, background artist, layout man, director of photography, producer.
"The Apple" The story of an apple. Format: 35mm, running time: 13'50"
Scriptwriter, animator, cameraman, director(co-directing with Mozaffar sheydaei).
"Green" How green, the color of peace, was created. Format: 35mm, running time: 3'50"
Scriptwriter, animator, cameraman, producer.
"A Memory" A butterfly reflects upon a memory. A film without words. Format: 35mm, running time: 10'06"
Scriptwriter, director, animator, character design, storyboard artist, layout man, producer.
1997 Masters Degree in Animation - Art University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
1989 Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design , Art University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
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